Black Phillip (Walpurgisnacht Mix)

by Derek C. F. Pegritz

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I finally got around to watching The Witch the other day, and of course I immediately became obsessed with it--particularly the devilish goat Black Phillip. (I've always wanted a black goat to name Baphomet, but looks like he'll have a different name now!) Since Walpurgisnacht was just a few days away, I threw this piece together and am releasing it hopefully in time for wicked old hags and seductive vixens to dance to upon the Brocken. You want witch-house? THIS IS WITCH HOUSE.

Oh, and this track isn't for tree-hugging Wiccans and other practicioners of the modern Art--this is all about *oldskool* witchcraft as depicted in the film The Witch and New England expect plenty of devil-worship, malefice, and the sacrifice of innocents. So pucker up and KISS THE GOAT!


Here are the lyrics, if you're interested. I made them deliberately as cheesy and spoopy as possible:

Black Phillip

Dost thou want to live deliciously?
Sipping honeyed win from a silver cup
If thou wilt only render unto me
thy name upon this page in thy precious blood

Dost thou wish to see the greater world?
of cities golden in those fabled lands
beyond this cold and dark and hungry shore
take up thy pen and I shall guide thy hand

Now go thee out into the darkest wood,
cut a branch and wet it from thy womb
and it will carry thee across the sky
across the seething sea, across the blackened moon

On Brocken high the fires guide thee down
now take thy place among thy sisters from all the world around,
comely maiden, matron, and withered crone
assembled here to worship on a field of bones

Behold thee now before thee the rampant sabbat goat
bring forth the sacrificial child and cut its throat
that I may slake with innocent blood my eternal thirst
and give thee power in return over all the earth

Much I give but much I ask of thee
so dry thy tears and stand against the sky
thy shadow cast must darken all ye see
from only darkness can thee conjure light


released April 30, 2016
Derek C. F. Pegritz: everything.
Satan, The Electronic Hellfire Club, Nathan Gray: inspiration and infernal guidance.




Derek C. F. Pegritz German, Pennsylvania

Derek C. F. Pegritz is not a band. He is barely even a person. He makes "music" by stitching millions upon millions of 1s and 0s together by hand using a patented process involving lots of really, really tiny wires.

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